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Government lease-purchases: a financing alternative to traditional loans, bonds and internal funding for public entities:


  • A type of traditional sales contract that, subject to a security interest, immediately passes owership of the property to the borrower in most states.
  • Can be used to finance a wide variety of essential equipment and facilities, usually in the amounts of $5,000 to $2,000,000 allowing for greater flexibility as public entities’ financing needs are matched with their budget and cash flow requirements.

We are a division of Stock Growers Bank, a five-star rated bank with a 120 plus year history of serving agriculture, business and public customers.

Our employees have served on city councils, school boards, park boards, fire departments and various other public boards giving us a better understanding of your needs.

At Stock Growers Public Finance, we provide specialized tax exempt government lease-purchases only available to government entities including state, county, city governments, school districts, public protection, conservation districts and water boards.

The lease-purchases are available for new or used equipment, and new building construction or remodeles. All lease-purchases are set up as lease-to-own, which means at the end of the term the entity owns the product out-right. All lease-purchases are funded and serviced by Stock Gtowers Public Finance, saving the borrower time and money.

  • 100% financing is available
  • Low and fixed interest rates up to 20 years
  • Flexible payment plans to meet budgets
  • Equipment can be customized and modified
  • No mileage, usage, or maintenance reporting required
  • No public vote required like bonding
  • Buyout at any time and refinances available
  • $1 final purchase price

Many government entities find the lease-purchases to be an approprirate tool to finance :

  • Essential Equipment
    • Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars
    • Aircraft, buses, cars, vans
    • Grounds and road maintenance equipment
    • Garbage trucks and landfill equipment
    • Personal/rescue/safety equipment
    • Athletic, classroom, office supplies
    • Computer, communication, electronics
    • Energy efficiency, HVAC, roofs, windows
  • Real Property
    • School buildings and gymnasiums
    • Ambulance, fire, police buildings
    • Courthouses, city halls, jails
    • Civic and senior centers
    • Electric, water and waste facilities
    • General infrastructure
    • Parking lots and ramps

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